New Politics tease their upcoming album with new single: “West End Kids”

New Politics fans can now rejoice, as the Danish alternative rock band has announced that their third album Vikings will be released from DCD2 and Warner Bros. on August 14, 2015. For those who don’t know, DCD2 is the same label which manages Fall Out Boy’s songwriter/bassist, Pete Wentz. Their announcement also came with the added bonus of a new single release from the album titled “West End Kids”.

The track itself is a bona fide head-banger, and the catchy anthem reveals bits and pieces about the New Politics and their humble beginnings in Vesterport, the “west end” of Copenhagen. This is the area where, as lead singer David Boyd explains, the band played their “first shows, where [they] first fell in love, and first felt heartbreak”. It’s a nice window into the band’s struggles and what they went through before settling down in Brooklyn where they are experiencing the success they had once only dreamed of.

Driven by some powerful percussion, and punctuated by catchy, upbeat lyrics about being “the voices you never heard” and “the fire you never let burn”, this is truly a track made for today’s pop airwaves. The nostalgia is practically spilling over, and this song is definitely a “teaser” of sorts for what we can expect from the new album. Vikings will probably touch on more deeply personal subject matter than their previous two releases, offering fans a more intimate connection with the band.

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