Bringing back Jazzy Sophistication with Delilah’s New EP

For those who don’t know, Delilah is a professional singer hailing from Hungary, Europe. She resides in Toronto after escaping from harmful racial tension and ineffective politics which had plagued her homeland. Now, she has striven to continue to pursue her musical career which was nurtured from a very young age by her equally talented parents, who also happened to be performers back home. Delilah has now recently released an EP titled “Sarah + 1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan”.

And for those who don’t know who Sarah Vaughan is (she was certainly before my time, nothing to be ashamed of!), the biggest thing of note was her unique voice which could not easily be replicated by many singers. But that is what Delilah sought to do with this EP, taking three of her tracks and attempting to bring them to a modern audience. The final song, “Smile”, was composed by Charlie Chaplin for his movie Modern Times, and therefore something which was truly worth revisiting.

The first track, “September in the Rain” is truly jazz incarnate – a clean, mellow song which threatens to have you swaying in time with Delilah’s sophisticated vocals. Nothing sounds forced here or even slightly off, as Delilah seems to have captured the very soulfulness and unique timbre which was present in her idol’s own voice.

1391427_229328360562082_225352783_nMoving on, we are treated to the track “Just Friends”, and just like that, Delilah shifts gears from “jazz lounge” to “midnight blues”. Not that you wouldn’t hear this type of music in a lounge however, as it still retains the same mellow ambiance and sultry vocals from the previous track. The song speaks of “Two friends, one broken heart” and this modern take and tribute proves that such heartbreak is a timeless affliction. Delilah breathes new life into something which will most definitely still be a hit with today’s crowd of young romantics.

The final tribute is a song is titled “Whatever Lola Wants”, which again switches gears back to jazz, with a little bit more spice sprinkled on the surface. Delilah does not disappoint in this track, although her vocals do seem to get drowned out by the more vibrant instrumental. Fortunately, her strong, sophisticated voice perseveres and shines through, preventing what could have been something bordering karaoke-recording territory.

And finally, Delilah rounds the album off with the +1 track composed by the legendary Chaplin himself. Although it seems to start off somber, her vocals come in and shift the message altogether (provided you’re listening). With lines like “you’ll get by, when you smile” sung by her immaculate pipes, it’s difficult not to comply. There is an almost dreamlike quality to this one, and although it is not the centerpiece of the album, “Smile” soon became my favourite of the four soungs.

Overall, it is clear that “Sarah + 1: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan” is worth a listen. If you love sultry, sophisticated vocals crisply weaving through jazzy instrumentals, reminding you of another golden age of music, then you’re definitely missing out on something special here. Go give Delilah’s EP a listen, and help bring that jazz back to the modern age!

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  1. cooldept says:

    Beautiful voice!! These days it’s hard to spot an authentic pro, when it comes to singers. This seem to be a proof that all-sides quality music is still being produced. Keep it that way guys!

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