With New EP “For You” Claire Coupland Opens Up

Claire Coupland, who was born and raised in British Columbia and resides in Toronto, is a purebred Canadian songstress. With her latest EP “For You” Coupland returns with a sultrier sound, a bit of country pop infused in the mix. Her voice is also deeper, more instinctive in a sense and a more canalized range of emotions than was featured in her previous EP “Lonely Heart.” The album cover with Coupland’s legs exposed and her sapphire eyes at the forefront staring out, her face virtually unmade, also contribute that very revelatory feel. It is as if she wants us to know she’s opening up, and so she felt the need to intimate it visually in addition to her trifecta of striped down songs. She is disrobing herself.

For You by Claire Coupland

1002689_700471100011585_6848205319839776932_nThe EP starts out with “Alone,” a soft summery folk ballad with melancholy undertones. Second track “For You” has that definite country pop vibe, featuring nice chord progressions. “For you” is positively this EP’s most remarkable track with its subdued lancinating sadness. Last song “Dreams” has Coupland’s voice more open in this piano driven ballad, more in line with her previous work. It’s as though she is closing herself here, returning to more familiar grounds. And despite the sonic burst and its seemingly emotional expenditure, it seems Coupland best unravels her soul when singing softer folky tunes and a trove of striking nuances.

“For You” is a great EP. It’s also a short one, and while there is a true effort on Coupland’s part to be sincere and earnest – she goes as far as showing herself in a vulnerable posture on the record sleeve, it feels the format choice might constitute an obstacle to her endeavor. The EP’s three songs, however enchanting, don’t begin to cover Ms. Coupland’s complex and delicate musical landscape, but it gives us such a stirring glimpse.

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