The Walls Group: The Jackson 4?

The Walls Group market themselves as the new Jackson 5 with a message from God. And in many ways that depiction is fitting. The musical foursome is made up of brothers and sisters Darrell, Rhea, Paco, and Ahjah ranging in age from 15 to 22 and from deep in the heart of Texas. According to the bio on their impressively maintained website, they grew up with musically inclined parents and “could not escape the melodies and harmonies that coursed throughout the household and seeped into their souls”. The singing group remains firmly grounded in family values and their commitment to ministry is at the forefront of the group’s musical focus.

f7db0d_5011bc2459104a0a8ea49f1e8981f824.jpg_srz_980_578_85_22_0.50_1.20_0After the success of their first self-titled EP in 2012, they continued to tour southern North America and convert listeners into fans wherever they went. Their newest EP, Fast Forward, was released in September of this year and demonstrates an increased maturity and an elevated performance style. While they have obvious gospel influences both in their singing style and their content, their song “High” featuring Christian rapper Lecrae, smacks more of R&B and pop than gospel in style. In fact it is notedly nostalgic of the 80s instrumental song “Moments of Love”  by Art of Noise. With a pulsating beat backing up the smooth vocals and rhythmic rapping of Lecrae, this is urban pop at its finest.

And in this way I think they could arguably the Jackson 5 of this generation, albeit a more updated hip hop version. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this song will get you grooving and prove that Christian music is increasingly and seamlessly making the transition to mainstream audiences these days.

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