Zardonic’s Latest Track Fights For Justice

Federico Agreda, also known as Zardonic, is a music producer and DJ from Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Since starting ten years ago, he was named the #1 DJ in Venezuela through The DJ List, and was also #1 on multiple charts from Beatport and Amazon. Sharing his talents with music lovers across 26 countries, he blends elements of genres such as rock, electro, drum & bass, and industrial all under one genre, in which he calls it “Bass Metal.”

Zardonic brings us his latest single “For Justice.” This track doesn’t mess around—it is packed with a lot of energy to get you jumping off the floor and your fists pumping. The track starts by warming up listeners with a rhythmic synth. Roughly 30 seconds into it, the vocals kick in along with the rest of the instruments, including the hard-thrashing drums and the electric guitars—and the song is in full swing.

A lot of effort was put into the making of For Justice. There’s variety throughout the song, rather than just having repetitive synthlines, repetitive lyrics, and a constant thumping 4/4 dance beat. To keep the listeners engaged and surprised at each measure of the track, Zardonic features intensely gripping synthlines, uplifting drum beats at varying rhythms, and chaotic guitar solos. For Justice is a track that deserves the repeat button for a never-ending roller coaster night ride.

Within the single also features three extra tracks. One is an extended vocal remix which—as the title suggests—extends the track with an extra introduction and vocal work. An instrumental version of the extended vocal remix is also featured, and listeners should find the instrumental version just as thrilling to listen to, even without the vocal work. The third remix track is the “Counterstrike Remix,” which is faster paced with drum & bass elements.

Defining his music as “Bass Metal,” Zardonic is a Venezuelan DJ casual listeners and music lovers can get behind. His latest and upcoming track, For Justice, is a track that proves his uniqueness amongst other producers in the music universe. As long as future releases will be as exciting as For Justice, he will continue to make the world jump off their seats and dance.

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