Trevor Something takes Synthpop to a Whole New Level

Trevor Something was, once upon a time, a singer in the 80s who liked women, whiskey, and drugs. One day he died from an overdose and time-traveled to today and found himself in another body. He only remembers he’s from North Manchester and his name is Trevor. His last name is unknown so he goes by Trevor Something. Currently residing in Miami, Florida, he makes music much like what he did in his previous life, and his latest creation brings us Trevor Something Does Not Exist, a 17-track LP.

Trevor Something Does Not Exist, without any question, takes synthpop music to a whole new level. In 17 tracks, this album packs a gigantic electronic punch. Whether you listen to 80’s or 00’s electronic music, you will love this album. Its glitchy, flowing, aggressive, soft, pleasing oscillators provide the perfect charm on every track to transport the audience into a 1980s concert hall.

Most of Trevor’s songs in this album samples and remixes a lot of songs we already love (plus a cover!), and unlike some pretentious remix artists who, for example, increase the tempo and add a wobble on pop songs (okay, I know dubstep and synthpop are on two different spectrums of electronic music, but you know what I mean, right?), Trevor Something adds different flavours, touches, and flair to his music, but at the same time preserves the reasons why we fell in love with the sampled/remixed songs.

For example, Track 3, “Come Back Down” samples “Blue Monday” by  New Order, “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League, “Cars” by Gary Newman, “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, “Da Da Da” by Trio, and “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. Track 15, “Stay,” sampled “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. Track 16, “Enjoy the Silence,” is Trevor’s rendition of the song originally by Depeche Mode. Moreover, any gamer who has played Hotline Miami will be familiarized with the car ignition, followed by the chilling synths of Track 12’s “Into Your Heart,” as this specific song remixes Jasper Byrne’s “Miami.”

This 17-track LP also features three interludes which help transition the listener into the different dimensions this album has to offer. Track 7, “1st Wave,” has a galactic sound to it, which sets the album up for Track 8, “So Far Away.” Track 11, “Chen Li’s Revenge” features 8-bit instruments playing battle-like music, which is followed by Track 12, “Into Your Heart.” Track 14, “2nd Wave,” has that mystery dark sound to it, and transitions into “Stay.”

Finally, the continuity between tracks is the cherry-topper to such a great album. Each song transitions into one another like a continuous dance album, giving barely any breathing room of silence in between tracks. Listening to this album by order of track is definitely enriched for the listener that listens to albums by this manner.

If you love electronic music—whether from the 1980s or from the 2000s and 2010s—you must not overlook this album. In 17 tracks, this LP packs a lot to offer for the audience to unravel and enjoy. Most of its remixes, samples, and cover are taken from songs and artists we love and are familiar with, such as New Order, The Romantics, Depeche Mode, Trio, and Gary Newman. Furthermore, Trevor Something does an excellent job providing his own touches and flairs to his music while preserving the flairs that the original artists gave to the sampled music. Trevor Something is already making waves around the electronic music scene, and thanks to his potential, he will continue to produce fantastic pieces of work that will win more listeners over.

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    Just want you to know Track 7 & 8 both sample Com Truise tracks

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