StarFoxx’s First Tape Is Gutsy And Energetic

StarFoxx’s very first and gutsy effort Up & Cumming Vol. Deux has undeniable energy, flowing all the way through from start to finish. Beginning with “Welcome” on track one, StarFoxx welcomes the listener to his record, an emphatic two and a half minutes that introduces himself and friends from Montreal’s MakeWay Studios. Listeners will note the strong Childish Gambino vibe emanating from StarFoxx’s vocals, a vibe that is soon to emanate all the way through the record.

And indeed, track two’s “Ranch Tostitos” is full of this vibe, from lead to background vocals, and featuring MakeWay’s Orphan. The chorus is catchy, the production is crisp, and the performers both shine brightly in this number. Listeners will pin this one as a favourite of theirs. StarFoxx then drops a more relaxing and chilled-out hit in “2014 Prelude,” a jazzier and more spacey track that listeners will swallow sublimely.

“My Clique” on track four is a stylish offering that features stellar performances by StarFoxx, Orphan, and Dr. Master Mind over the infamous beat made famous by Kanye, Big Sean, and Jay-Z. Rapping over this beat seems like a big void to fill, but the three gentlemen do it superbly, matching the hard-hitting energy demanded by the instrumental and delivering fiery lyrics with ferocious confidence.

“Hands On The Wheel (Ghost Ride)” on track five begins with the all-too familiar opening line from Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit Of Happiness.” It’s a little misleading to quote this line because the track feels a little less of a get-high-to-this party number, but it still contains a very nice and chill vibe that will sound picturesque with your late night cruises through your town. Following this is track six’s “My Side,” which feels a little overproduced and embellished, but not too out of place.

Track seven’s “Voices In My Head” is one of the more contemplative tracks on the record, complete with a sweet chorus that stands strong between StarFoxx’s fantastic vocals. But the best song on the record arrives after this one, with “Pearly Gates” sitting high and proud on track eight. Crisp production, tight rap verses, a nicely channeled Kendrick Lamar vibe and a contagious chorus make this one a must-listen on the entire album, and is one that StarFoxx should be proud of. It must also be mentioned that the track features High Q and Renata, two great performers from Montreal’s MakeWay Studios, which makes “Pearly Gates” ascend all the more higher.

The record then drops into celebration with Orphan and StarFoxx on “Makeway Anthem” before finishing off with the borderline-bedroom track Adios, capping off one fantastic album.

There’s a lot to like about this eleven-track album. StarFoxx channels something of his own identity, one that makes him recognizable, built by some great tracks with scorching energy, and supported by his friends from MakeWay Studios (and if you haven’t heard the work of BuDz and company, nor are familiar with the Montreal studio, you best get acquainted now). Up & Cumming is one that listeners are going to feel ecstatic over while listening, and will surely feel more than satisfied once they finish.

Listen to and download StarFoxx’s first tape here

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