Infinity – Against the Current (EP Review)

If you keep tabs on the newest and latest artists on YouTube, chances are you already know or are familiar with who Against the Current are. This three-piece rock band from Poughkeepsie, New York is already making huge waves, reaching out to listeners and making new fans. They have released covers of popular songs, whilst collaborating with other artists such as Kurt Schneider and fellow Poughkeepsie artist Alex Goot, who’s already made it huge through Purevolume and Youtube. Against the Current’s exciting spur of creativity delivers us their new extended-play album entitled “Infinity,” released in late May of 2014.


Against The Current

The EP opens up with the eponymous “Infinity,” opening up the five-track album perfectly. It’s like Katy Perry, Jessie, J, and The Summer Set mixed in a blender for an over-the-top, fresh and energetic pop-rock dance anthem. The guitars especially are executed excellently. The drums provide pumping beating energy at the perfect tempo, and the vocals and lyrics make this song fun to listen and sing along to.The second track, “Something You Need”, is a more laid-back song compared to “Infinity,” but with still enough spirit to keep you engaged with the music. The third track “Comeback Kid” caters to more of what pop music has been delivering lately, like “Roar” by Katy Perry, “22” by Taylor Swift, and “Kiss You” by One Direction. This type of style is not exactly my thing but it’s still something the average listener would turn the volume up on, let loose, sing along, and have fun. It’s a perfect sunny summer anthem.

The fourth track “Another You (Another Way)” lifts the pace of the album with an intense string intro and an impressive dance-y chorus. This whole song is a mash-up of elements of We Are the In Crowd, Alex Goot, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez, perfectly balancing the happiness and tragedy of love, combined with a great beat from the first second to the last, and may well be a fan favourite off the album; it’s surely a high point of the EP.

Finally, the last track of Infinity, “Closer, Faster,” is a lively, energetic, summer afternoon beach-type of song. It’s fun to listen to, but the radio-like effect on the vocals in the chorus were a bit awkward to listen to. It doesn’t, however, spoil the song at all.

It’s difficult to have high expectations for extended-play albums, but Infinity had my headphones explode and fly through the roof. This album was simply amazing and was executed very well, overall. The mixing and mastering of this album were lacking at times throughout the album but it’s forgivable because nothing can spoil how great it is.

Their Infinity EP just shows that not only they can deliver fresh, new-sounding music in the pop-rock scene, but the album also shows they can do a lot of different styles with their music, so don’t be surprised to see them experiment and try out new and different stuff in the future. I certainly can’t wait to hear more of Against the Current, and you too should anticipate for more. Words just can’t explain how exciting their potential is as a band; let their music do the talking.

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