June Rochelle is Here to Stay

Soulful, soothing, and sensual: if I had to pick only three words to describe June Rochelle’s latest single “Love Is Here to Stay,” these would definitely be them.

Self-described as a song aimed at “those who think perhaps that hope has abandoned them for good,” “Love Is Here To Stay” proves itself to be masterfully written and produced, blending smooth R&B and urban jazz tones with an impressive display of vocal arrangements.

Resulting from a collaboration between Indiana-based June Rochelle and award-winning producer and songwriter Michael Houston, “Love Is Here To Stay” is the kind of track that embodies the feeling of a calm, rainy afternoon spent in with a loved one, or a night in a warm, spirited lounge with friends. The song begins with a relaxed, jazzy instrumental, showcasing Rochelle’s whispery and dreamy tones, rising in energy and steadiness without sacrificing the warmth of its mood. As it builds, the song captures a sense of urgency that demands its listener’s attention as Rochelle confesses: “I thought that I had chased you away, but I see you’ve been following me everywhere that I go.” As the song moves into the chorus, Rochelle displays the true range of her musical ability with an intricately layered vocal melody that almost seems like a mantra, as she urges the listener to remember: “love is here to stay” and you can’t chase it away.

1922388_10201542563192598_1632228248_nThough the rest of the track upholds the same degree of impressive musicality and instrumentation, featuring a pleasantly moving piano bridge between the following vocal sections, Rochelle’s biggest downfall with the song lies in its lingering sense of redundancy: after the first chorus, the same section seems to repeat over and over with its only distinction being Rochelle’s melodic runs in the harmony. Though her vocal work is impressive, listeners may find themselves yearning for the moods and tone set by the initial verse, which sadly does not reappear later in the song. Rather than ending conclusively, the song seems to taper off in an anti-climactic manner as it fades into the background. Adding to that, the lack of additional verses makes the chorus’ definitive statement, while obviously honest and well-intentioned, feel sort of banal and leaning on the side of cliché.

Still, these observations are not intended to be slights against Rochelle’s talent as a writer or performer; evidently, she is not a weak musician. The song itself still makes for easy listening and evokes nothing but feelings of pleasantness and warmth. Surely, fans of nostalgic R&B and urban jazz would not find the song out of place in their own collections. Despite any downfalls, one thing is for certain: as a musician, writer, and composer – June Rochelle is here to stay.  

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