Colossal Culver

American hard rock band Culver delivers a crushing yet beautiful musical monstrosity. Driven by the intensity of gritty guitars, pulsating methodic drum lines, and topped by the laceration of Andrew Cruz’s vocals, Culver is mighty, majestic, and destructive in the same blow.

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“Line Chaser” is heavy and pure, dishing forth grinding distorted guitar backed by a heart pounding bass drum and wrapped together by Cruz’s honest and hard-hitting vocals. There is nothing to deliberate over a hammering anthem such as this, blending together a youthful heaviness that reeks of bands such as Default and Thousand Foot Crunch. Aggression, aggression, aggression; that seems to be the key force of this song, and it’s a theme that will appear in more of Culver’s music.

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“Indicator” has a war-like intensity that begins with the beckoning of a sinister bass line, treading lightly before exploding into straight-forward testosterone-injected pugnacity. Methodic and pure yet heavy and unrelenting, “Indicator” brings a clear and direct urgency that is reminiscent of Trapt’s “Headstrong” and Queens of The Stone Age’s “No One Knows.” No secrets, and no close reading involved, “Indicator” gracefully and masterfully drives forth aggressive bombastic swagger in the form of  heavy guitars, gyrating bass, and pulsating drums.

“I’ll cut you right where you stand;…” a line from “Indicator,” and a line that summarizes what Culver seems to want its audience to learn right at the onset. There is no beating about the bush, no magical tricks, and no deliberation over meaning; Culver is direct on delivery and are absolutely magnificent while they do it. Their music is available on Soundcloud (culver-band) and on Facebook (Culverband). A band that seems to have more conventional weapons to pull out of their sleeves, Culver seems to just have begun their bombardment of heavy hitting rock music.

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