FaBe & His Green Sofrito: Surprisingly Zesty!

Looking all the way back to his roots in Puerto Rico, FaBe has always been considered by those around him as musical talent. His interest in Hip-Hop motivated him to mature into the giftedartist-songwriterthat he is today. His first full-length album will soon be released, and Green Sofrito looks very promising.

First on the docket is “Vacación” and that’s certainly what it feels like. The song plays like your typicallaidbacksummer day. No noise or complications, justFaBe’s lyrical ebb and flow coupled with a measured beat, whichkeeps the track at just the optimal point of relaxation – a definitivechillax track.

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Switch lanes and we have “El Campo” and “To My Establishment”. These onesgo much harder than their predecessor; shots fired and provocative lines make them difficult to ignore. Unfortunately, the two tracks are reminiscent of numerous other hits by artists in Hip-Hop with troubled pasts. The story and atmosphere run the same lines, and leave you eager and thirsty for a more distinctive sound in the rest of the album.

We don’t get much of that until “Spoiled Coffee”. But you just have to admire the spot-on lyricism and old school feel. FaBe really shows herethat he has the potential to spread past the traditional, typical sound you hear on the radio – an exciting proposition in a verycongested genre.

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The real story of the album however, is “Half Dead”. If you aren’t immediately hypnotized by the backdrop and bewitching female vocalist, then you are already too far gone. The psychedelic vibe and minimal, but effective, verses give this track the perfect ‘hotbox’ feel, and you can definitely lose yourself in the music.

Another standout is “Heart of Glass” which explores a past relationship where both individuals were unfaithful. It plays like a love song, but it’s nothing but ‘ice cold’ to the bone.

All things considered, Green Sofrito is a debut album that will surely establish FaBe as a contender in the Hip-Hop genre. Certain tracks can’t exactly be labelled ‘original’ but there are also a handful of absolutely exceptional hits that will have you begging the man to make more music. If you’re up for some old and new school Hip-Hop with the potential to get you hooked and lifted – look no further. FaBe’s got exactly what you need.

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