MiXE1: An Epic Adventure

MiXE1 (for your information, pronounced “Mikes 1”) is a mindblowingly stupendous musical act. Hailing from Herts, UK, MiXE1 is a beautiful culmination of Pop and Rock music swirled by the neon sharpness of electronic music with the aggressive dirtiness of metal music (think Breathe Carolina’s 2009 Hello Fascination but with a little more griminess.) The concept of their music is quite interesting too: their music takes place in a futuristic city (eponymously named “MiXE1”). Artistic concepts have always been a boon in music; famous artists that were prolific in the idea of conceptualized music include Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and David Bowie, all of whom have enjoyed prominence and success. MiXE1’s recent installment within this futuristic city, Module 2, hits on all the right notes that you would expect out of grimy pop and rock music with electronic sound, delivering a fantastic and pleasurable sound topped by emotionally driven vocals.

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Module 2 opens with “This Is Not Goodbye,” an edgier and grimier opening in comparison to the more pop-oriented “Breathe” from their previous release Module 1. Its fast-paced, breakneck speed is completed by hard slicing screaming vocals. Catchy and breathtaking, “This Is Not Goodbye” is alike to a Celldweller track injected by the pop sensibilities of Keane.

“Your Heart’s The Beat,” the second track from the EP, is also fast-paced and upbeat, with a continuous pulsating synth reverberating throughout that makes the listener feel like he is traveling through the city of MiXE1 at fast-speed. Catchy and relentless, “Your Heart’s The Beat” seems to only be missing an even hookier chorus that would complement the contagious synthesizers.

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The EP ends with a candle-lit, piano version of “This Is Not Goodbye,” spinning the epic track into a whole new, cinematic direction. Listeners will appreciate this more soft, mellow approach to the band’s material in contrast to the more neon-laced aggression of their other tracks.


To summarize, MiXE1 seems to be a force just getting started. Module 1 and Module 2 seem to channel something promising and refreshing, but they are by no means the lethal daggers that are sure to cut deep into the listener. In fact, it would be more accurate to call these records stepping stones; their upcoming EP Lights Out seems to channel something that neither of the first two Modules channel: a vaster, refined landscape that fleshes out this city of MiXE1. The eponymous-named lead track sounds fresher, cleaner, and seems to refine on all the high notes that Module 1 and Module 2 have already struck. As their futuristic sound implies, MiXE1 is charging headstrong into tomorrow. Indeed, if you cannot wait to get your fix of tomorrow’s music, MiXE1 seems like a musical adventure worth jumping into.

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