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The easy part is deciding you want to pursue a musical path in life, the difficulty lies in figuring out how to get there.

That is where production agencies like SkyRocket Entertainment come in. The fresh newToronto& Montreal-based company handles promotions and tour bookings for artists signed under their name. Their roster already includes the likes of Vilify, theCinnamon Chasers, and Hydee. They are constantly expanding, and the young agency, established May 15, 2011, is slowly becoming known as an effective platform that aspiring artists can rely on for a great start.

Their motto and structure is built around the satisfaction of their customers, and they put the happiness of those they signed on as the premier gaugefor a job well done. They attribute their success to this dogma. It is clear that following it has led them to all the accomplishments that they have experienced.

To date, they have successfully released three videos, Lips – Everything To Me, Klaypex – Lights, and Vista Cruiser – I Dig, You Dig.All the videos have become popular, with the first video garnering more than one million views to this date. The other two videos have also accrued a respectable amount of views ranging upwards from 100,000 hits.

As if that wasn’t enough, SkyRockethas also successfully set-up and seen to fruition five separate tours for their artists. The response to these events have been amazing; they all clearly have bright futures ahead of them because of the great promotion and stage they have been given.

By working closely within their area, establishing relationships with local businesses, and targeting the right groups – there is no doubt that the agency is going to see a lot of clear skies ahead. Their strategy is obviously still developing, but the growing popularity of their individual artists is definitely a telling measurement of their trustworthy methodology.

Led by CEO Josh Laroche, they make it clear that they are truly interested in seeing their artists grow and establish a successful career in entertainment. SkyRocket Entertainment’s track records show that aspiring musicians can rest assured that the company will be able to provide the resources and guidance that they need to get some footing in an industry that can be unwelcoming to many.

If you want to get in contact with them you can,,, or

Their website with all upcoming events and available roster is easily accessible at

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