Just the Tip of the Iceberg – “Ready to Go” by Klaypex

There is definitely no shortage of typical electronic producers nowadays, but the dubstep duo of Johnny Atar and Mark Emmanuel are far from the typical. Better known of course – as Klaypex, their explosive style incorporates eye-opening drops, spotless synth lines, as well as cleverly-selected vocal samples. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ever since their debut album, “Loose Dirt”, the Miami-based Klaypex has steadily risen closer and closer to the top-tier of electronic music makers. Now, with their recent release of “Ready to Go”, the duo seems poised to start dominating the club scene with head-banging hits that just scream for attention. Anyone in the industry knows that musical adaptability is everything, and they have done just that. Whether you want hard, pounding beats to get everyone in the club dancing a little harder, or just need everyone at your party to understand that things are about to heat up in an unbelievable way – Klaypex is here to save the day.

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The question is – can you handle it?

The album’s vast selection of club tracks is very generous, to say the least. From “Petrified”, all the way to “Song 12”, Klaypex constantly keeps the energy level up and pervasive. The latter of the two, starts off gently, drawing you in and entrancing you with its hazardous, seductive foundation. Before long, you find yourself carelessly dropped and submerged in an incredible array of hard-hitting bass and shattering synth-lines. Just what the doctor ordered. “Petrified” is similar, but also integrating a very welcome addition of detached vocals, appropriately creating the feeling of being hypnotized and petrified. The sensation is exceptional, and a powerful step-up from the archetypical wubwubwub of the genre.

And if you think Klaypex can’t slow it down and keep you absorbed, then you are definitely mistaken.  “Double Vision” isn’t something you crack open when everyone is sizzling and ready to wile out – but it is a great warm-up. Not too hot, and not too heavy, the track is just right for gearing up to blast out the speakers.

Shifting gears again, “Crazy”, is a song stuck between two worlds. It doesn’t bend steel like the other tracks, but it isn’t light enough to just be considered a warm-up song like “Double Vision” either. Some might say that these two relative snails bring the album down a notch, but the occasional breathers are necessary to keep the album vitality level as sky high as possible.

Klaypex also allows another artist into the spotlight, bringing in guest singer Sara Kay to further liven up their album. In her first contribution, “Stars”, Kay is not the forerunner – she is merely part of the remarkable ensemble of sound that Klaypex puts together. Her vocals are methodically littered all over the track, adding supplementary effect to the already-spellbinding rhythm. On the other side of the coin is a song aptly named “Sunrise”.  Sara is more audible in this one, able to sing more than just a few memorable lines before the gates of hell open – and the God of Bass steps into your speakers. It is definitely a bona fide club banger, capable of keeping you dancing ‘til the sunrise.

Their main album track, “Ready to Go” is just, plain and simple, a golden nugget of an Electro-Dubstep hit. If there was ever any question to whether Klaypex could establish itself with a song that would potentially rip out old tracks at the dance hall, it is long gone. With the reverberating question “Are you ready to go?” constantly echoing throughout the song (and through your skull), the listener is just forced to answer. Whether it is by viciously responding with a flurry of fist pumps, or the reverent acknowledgement of a bobbing head, an avid lover of the genre will find what they love in this electrifying smash hit.

The album also houses other exceptional tracks, such as “Hello” and “Manners”, barring you from making any further judgment on the duo until you are pleasured on all fronts by the entire selection of “Ready to Go”.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”]https://soundcloud.com/klaypex/song12?in=klaypex/sets/readytogo[/soundcloud]

Klaypex definitely lives up to their name, and are no doubt skilful enough to reach the summit of the electro music world. This album keeps you engrossed and engaged to a point where you may start questioning whether you should look for alternative electronic music ever again, when these guys exist to set the bar for all others in their genre. Although young, they are unquestionably growing into a major force in the industry, and soon they will be able to iron out the minor flaws that exist here-and-there in their music. Stay tuned, “Ready to Go” is just a teaser for the myriad of mainstream electronica and club favourites that Klaypex has the potential to produce.

They are not at the apex yet, but rest assured, they are coming.



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